On this 2nd quarter of the year, we have been boosting our contests and initiatives in order to make Photocircle more inclusive than ever. As you may not know, we started the Photocircle project as simple photography contest since March of 2018 and we have been very consistent at it.

Along the way, we have added and modify most of the contest ideas that we have worked on to improve the way we reward the followers of the project.

And even though we were exclusively serving for the photography community back then, we are starting to realize now that there more to the Steemit platform other than the photography.

One of which is the welcoming of new users to the platform.


As far as we know, there are no project or community that are fully dedicated to the welcoming of new comers using the #introduceyourself tag.

We realize that we are in the position to add something to the “on-boarding” initiative and provide assistance in the best way possible. With that, we will be allocating a certain percentage of our daily upvote to curate for the new comers using the #introduceyourself tag. We also encourage the assistance of the Photocircle community in scouting for legitimate authors that are joining the Steem blockchain. Let’s all content creators regardless of their content types & status.

So, the goal is to recognize a legitimate author and curate for their Intro post and provide an assistance to the content creator with regards to the route that is best for them.

Below are new Steemians that were curated for today!

New Steemians Intro Post
@ban2ban https://busy.org/@ban2ban/hey-let-me-introduce-myself
@alodelasteem https://busy.org/@alodelasteem/my-first-post-here
@maxwellmarcusart https://busy.org/@maxwellmarcusart/my-introductory-post

PC1Aside from the welcoming of new users, we have also launch the new Photocircle Bounty program, a contest that will encourage engagement among the Steemians. It’s basically a comment contest where in the participants will have the chance to win part of the bounty for curating and commenting on the featured photos.
ANNOUNCEMENT: We have launch the Photocircle Bounty program which you can read in this → POST
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