Over the course of a year that we have been curating for the photography community, we are very pleased with the participation by the like-minded users of this awesome platform.

Although photography has a technical side to it we can’t hide the fact the creativity plays an important key to the end result of an image. Some photographers are showcasing their work in professional way and are able to produce sublime results. While some of the photographers are focusing their attention on creativity and are able to produce interesting photos as well.

Everyone has their own way of interpreting a photo.

We need all of you (Steemians) to take part on our daily curation program and stand a chance to earn part of the bounty.

Yes you read it right. The Photocircle Bounty program is meant for the Steemians who are very much engage to our daily blog.


What is the Photocircle Bounty program?

The program aims to motivate the followers of our daily blog to participate to the judgement of the daily photography contests. It will also encourage the participant to leave a meaningful comment to be eligible of the daily steem bounty chest.


What is the mechanics of the program?

Every other day, we will collate a about 3 – 5 photos that are tagged using #photocircle or a specific #pc-tag, it could be #pc-nature, #pc-people, #pc-vehicle, #pc-macro and so on. The specific tags will serve as the categories of the daily bounty program.

Every Steemian is allowed to participate by tagging your photos to the category of the day. It will be announced a day in advance in one of our daily posts.

We will post a blog where in we will show the selected photos. There will be no identity attached to the photos to make the decision making impartial and objective.


How to be eligible for the Photocircle Steem bounty?

The Steem bounty will be won by the commenters / judges of the selected photos.

Each commenter should rank each of the presented photos using the format below:

*Note: The table showing the ranking above is just a sample


The commenter “must” share his/her thoughts about the photo that he/she ranked 1st place.

The commenter with the most votes on his/her comment will win the biggest part of the bounty.





And then 10% of the STEEM BOUNTY goes to the rest of the commenters as a Consolation for their engagement.


How much is the STEEM BOUNTY?

The beauty of the Photocircle Steem Bounty program is its limitless nature.

We (@photocircle) will start the bounty with a minimum amount of 3 STEEM.


Anyone can add any steem amount to the Bounty, it can grow in a day depending on the generosity of the followers of this program.


If any of the Whales decided to add an XXX amount of Steem to the bounty, then 50% of it will go to the Top 1 commenter and so on…


The Photocircle Bounty program is our way to generate more engagement among Steemians and focus primarily on the commenters of our daily curation posts.


The featured photos will also be rewarded through an upvote which will be decided based on the result of the commenter’s ranking.


  1. If there are no Commenters / Judges on the specific bounty post, then nobody will win the steem bounty.
  2. If there are no winners from the previous round of bounty program. The XXX amount of Steem will be added to the next round.
  3. If there is only 1 winner on the specific round, the winner will only win the 50% of the steem bounty. The remaining XXX amount of steem will be added to the next round of Bounty program.
  4. The owners/photographers of the featured photos can also participate as a Commenter for the specific bounty program.
  5. The Commenter / Judge must strictly follow the rules to be eligible to the Top 1, Top2, & Top 3 winning places for the steem bounty.


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