Few weeks ago, we opened-up a discussion about going through the extent of on-boarding and supporting new users that are finding their way through the steem ecosystem. The goal is to create on-boarding avenues with the help of our own resources and provide assistance to on-boarded users when it comes to information about the steem.

Many of us started our journey in steem not knowing about the way how everything works tihin the ecosystem. Although there are a lot of information about the social & technical aspect of steem that was posted within and outside the blockchain, the contents are either outdated and or misleading. There are also information about steem that are too complicated to grasp especially for non-tech people or laymans who are only aware about the social aspect of things, whether in a centralised or a decentralised platform.

With the on-going emergence of dApps and new tools for the steem users, it only shows that our blockchain is geared towards its mass adoption. Although it’s no where near to its perfect state, we believe that the development is getting to a point where the idea is becoming a reality.

Yesterday, we saw the post by @aggroed wherby he mentioned about the on-going testing phase for the ND SCOT, a technology that materialize the creation of SMT and Communities that was the subject of discussion many many months ago.

We believe that the strength of the steem blockchain are the Communities that support the content creators. The users of steem are so diverse and do have different needs. Each individual have specific preference and are dependent on each individual’s skill set. Some of use are deemed to be a good blogger or vlogger, while some of us are artist by heart, while some of us simply wants to consume contents and curate. These are opportunities whereby a certain niche will thrive and at this point, there isn’t a clear direction to where a new user will start his or her journey in steem.

With this advancement, every project / community / initiative can create a frontend that is steemit-like where a certain group of contents can be displayed and be rewarded with a specific token that can be created through the Steem Engine side-chain.

In this way, the on-boarding and engagement can be done in a targeted manner that is beneficial to the members that the community is serving.

In a similar manner, there are also steem users who wanted to venture and learn about the other niches and so the idea of a community will be applicable as well. In the case of photography, if Photocircle will be able to host events that will allow enthusiasts to learn from Pros, then I would say that the community is creating an environment whereby members can learn from each other. Of course, there will be incentives for Pros to share their knowledge and expertise about photography through a distribution of tokens. Additionally, the photography enthusiasts will be also be rewarded for their engagement with the use of tokens.


The on-going development in the steem blockchain has validated the true potential of it. Even if the steem is still on its early stage, we can already see more possibilities of its use case. It’s only a matter of time until everyone outside the blockchain will realize the benefits of Steem.



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