### Hi Steemians!

How are things going? I hope you had fun on your weekend. Since the past few days Steem have been doing well until yesterday. Well, these are just the usual hike & drop of cryptos and steem isn’t immuned to this kind of volatility.

Moving on, we’re glad to finally come-up with our decisions on who did we think have presented the best food photography for the contest. Weekends are usually the best time to create these photos, since we normally prepare something bountiful as a way to feel good after a long weekday of work.


By the way, for those who recently discover this food photo contest, we just want to reiterate that we accept all kinds of cuisine or style or type of food – it could be drinks as well. Regardless whether it’s a home cook meal or food from a restaurant, there is no distinction, for as long as it looks good, then where ok with it. So feel free to participate to the contest 🙂


<center>***Without further ado… Welcome to the Photocircle food photo contest! Let’s dig in!***</center>




<center><h2>**Presenting the winners of the 7th Photocircle food photo contest!**</h2></center>




<center><h3>Top 1 photo</h3></center>



<center>Photography by @grandadscookbook</center>




<center><h3>Top 2 photo</h3></center>



<center>Photography by @cyberrn</center>




<center><h3>Top 3 photo</h3></center>



<center>Photography by @bluesapphire06</center>




<center><h3>Consolation prizes</h3></center>



<center>Photography by @travelsbyblue</center>






<center><h3>Contest rewards!</h3></center>


<center><h3>ALL Featured photos = 50% @photocircle upvote + 1 steem worth of @tipu upvote</h3></center>




<center><h3>Allow us to take this opportunity to thank our generous sponsors:</h3></center>


– @mariusfebruary

The Photocircle angel supporter who have delegated 10kSP to the @photocircle account to support the daily contributors. The SP delegation will algo speed-up the growth of the project and enhance the upvote rewards to the daily winners of the photography contests and for the future additions to the Photocircle program.




– @vortac

The lifeline of the Photocircle project, he was the very first supporter of the project that reinforce the daily contest with his generous upvotes. Aside from Photocircle, he is also a proud supporter of projects by the name of @curie, @steemstem and also an advocate of BOINC & Gridcoin.




– @pfunk

***”One of Steemit’s Top Witnesses and a awesome support to communities.”*** Also one of the reasons of the project’s sustenance through his upvotes to the daily contests and also to the participants of the curation program.


If you wish to approved @pfunk as your witness, you may do it from this link: [https://steemit.com/~witnesses](https://steemit.com/~witnesses).




*Stay tuned and get your food photo entries ready on the next round…:)*


*We will post an announcement about it on the next days to come.*


**With appreciation,**

***Photocircle team***


<center><h3>[Learn about this new photo curation project by clicking >here<](https://steemit.com/steemit/@funtraveller/the-photocircle-initiative-photography-curation-project)</h3></center>


<center>**To learn more about the new project feature, please click on the quest image below.**</center>


<a href=”https://steemit.com/photocircle/@photocircle/photocircle-project-quest-your-guide-to-the-hall-of-fame-823f6c0bd986c”><img src=”https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmYzRYcqaTXQYeuJjsm195eYgwkaNRGGdNwoVRfcKtSJuT/PC-Quest%20footer.png”/></a>


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